on 10 fantastical projects for the upcoming warm months in the middle of the calendar year.

  1. Get a better-paying job. Right now I do menial labor in the food service industry.
  2. Go to Portland for the excuse to visit my old roommate.
  3. Do classes for my major/work in Adlab (BYU’s student-run ad agency).
  4. Fourth thing.
  5. Go to San Francisco whenever Google decides to get back to me on Project Stop Pronouncing It Like Glasses Because That’s Not The Brand Name People Get It Right.
  6. Start a Let’s Play series for my little baby siblings who live 1300 miles away… *sniffles*
  7. Convert Transcending Pixels (my old casual game review blog) into a webcomic.
  8. *starts crying*
  9. *more crying*
  10. Go visit my little siblings and family before the semester starts again.